The basic skin care

The basic skin care


Bacteria can block pores, causing oil to clogs and creat blackheads, blemishes, and overall dull complexion. Don’t sleep in makeup and cleanse everyday.

  • Don’t over rub
  • Use lukewarm water and pat dry
  • Opt for gentle cleanse


Dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin naturally shed. Exfoliating accelerates the process to reveal more radiant skin and stimulating cell renewal.

  • Reveal softer, smoother texture.
  • Can be mechanical or chemical.
  • Avoid over exfoliation


Give skin the nutrients vital to its built-in protection and rejuvenation processes, so the body’s natural healing functions can optimally perform.

  • Restore ideal pH level
  • Provide nutrients skin loves
  • Address individual skin concerns


Hydrated skin is beautiful skin. Drink plenty of water and use daily moisturizer and night cream matched to your skin type and concerns.

  • Hydrate internally and externally
  • Use moisturizer and night cream
  • ¬†Properly moisturize oily skin


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